Antony West’s IPO has been doubly subscribed so far


Mumbai : Antony West Handling’s IPO has been doubly subscribed till 10 am on the second day of opening. The company wants to raise Rs 300 crore from the IPO. This issue was opened on Monday. It can be invested till Wednesday.

As of 10:15 am on Tuesday, bids for 1,40,67,429 shares had been received in this issue. This is 2.11 times the issue size of 66,66,342 shares. The company also launched an IPO in March this year. However, it was withdrawn after bad response from investors.

The company has again launched its IPO. This time the issue size is 45 percent more than before. The price band is also 15 percent higher than in March. Investors have shown great interest in some recent IPOs. Therefore, Antony’s IPO is expected to give good listing gains to investors.

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Antony is Thane’s company. It has been providing solutions for Municipal Waste Management (MSW) for the last 19 years. It provides services for solid water collection, transportation, switching, processing and disposal nationwide. It is managing the Kanjurmarg landfill site. It is one of the largest single location processing units in Asia.

Prabhudas Liladhar has advised to invest in Antony’s IPO for short duration. The reason for this is that due to the strong sentiment in the IPO market, he expects good listing gains. The listing of some recent IPOs has been strong. However, it has advised to be cautious about investing in it for long-term terms.

Prabhudas’s analyst said in his report, “This company has to depend on the payments made by the state governments especially the municipal corporations. Apart from this there is a lot of competition in MSW management (MSW). There is a lot of growth in this business. Capital is required. Therefore, for the long term, there is a need to be careful in investing in it. ”

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