BJP said- Nitish Kumar will be the CM of Bihar, it was decided before the election

BJP said- Nitish Kumar will be the CM of Bihar, it was decided before the election

BJP Said Of Course Nitish Kumar Will Be The CM Of Bihar, It Was Decided Before The Election.

This photo is from Bihar. JDU supporters present in Patna appeared excited as soon as the NDA started gaining in the results of the assembly elections on Tuesday.

The NDA has got a majority of 125 in Bihar. BJP benefited the most. It got 74 seats i.e. 21 seats more than last time. Till now, the BJP playing the role of younger brother came in the role of elder brother. Here, Nitish’s power survived, but JDU lost 28 seats and came to 43 seats.

There is speculation that the loss of seats will affect Nitish Kumar status. However, on Wednesday, the BJP made it clear that Nitish Kumar would be the CM of Bihar. Sushil Modi said that there is no confusion in this. Nitish Kumar will be the CM, this decision was taken before the election and will remain the same.

BJP is the biggest gainer, JDU is the biggest loser

partySeats (Advantage / Disadvantage)
B J P74 (+21)
JDU43 (-28)
We4 (+3)
VIP4 (+4)
Total NDA125
RJD75 (-5)
Congress19 (-8)
CPI (Male)12 (+9)
CPI2 (+2)
CPI (M)2 (+2)
Total Grand Alliance110

Modi’s happiness seen in cabinet meeting

On the very next day of Bihar’s results i.e. on Wednesday, a cabinet meeting was held and Modi looked very happy in it. A source told the news agency ANI that the Prime Minister congratulated the ministers on the victory and he looked very happy. The source said that should Modi not be happy? They have all the reasons to be happy.

Digvijay said – bless Tejashwi Nitish Kumar

The NDA has got the power, but the RJD is the largest party in Bihar. The RJD got 75 seats. The Grand Alliance led by him got 110 seats. Keeping this figure in mind, Congress leader Digvijay Singh tweeted 3 on Wednesday. In this, he targeted the BJP through the loss to Nitish Kumar.

He said that the BJP and the Sangh are like Amarbel, the tree on which it drags, it dries up. Digvijay said that Nitish Kumar ji should leave the ideology of Sangh and BJP and bless Tejashwi.

RJD-Congress complained to Nitish about EC

On Tuesday, the RJD was seen holding the NDA on par with the trends coming in during the counting of votes. Tejashwi had also sent a decree from the house that all the workers and polling agents should remain in the counting hall till the counting is complete. RJD claimed that Bihar has made a change and only a government of the Grand Alliance will be formed.

However, the picture changed by night and the NDA had a heavy upper hand. Meanwhile, RJD and Congress accused Nitish of influencing voting and also reached the Election Commission to complain.

RJD and JDU fought together in 2015

In the 2015 elections, the RJD, JDU and Congress formed a grand alliance together. The alliance won 178 seats, but after a year and a half, Nitish broke away from the Grand Alliance and moved to the NDA. In this election, NDA has JDU along with BJP, VIP and HAM (Secular). At the same time, the NDA, which was part of the NDA in the last election, is with the RLSP and the LJP.

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