Consider the proposal of the farmers union government, we are ready to negotiate further: Narendra Singh Tomar


new Delhi : Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said on Thursday that the government is ready to hold talks with representatives of farmers. He requested the farmers to consider the government’s proposal. In a press conference held at 4 pm on Thursday evening, he explained in detail about the objections of the farmers regarding the new agricultural laws and the government’s intention to remove them. During this, Union Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal was also present.

Tomar said that the government is ready to negotiate with the farmers with an open mind. He said that it is not right for the farmers to agitate in this way amid the cold weather as well as the corona epidemic. He said that the government wants to remove his fears. With this thinking, we sent a comprehensive proposal to them on Wednesday. Representatives of the farmers rejected the proposal to the government.

Let’s know 10 important things about the Agriculture Minister:

1. Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said that the purpose of enacting the Agricultural Law was that the farmers should be free from the chains of the market. There are such provisions in this law that you get money without taking any risk. Arrangements have been made to protect the farmer’s land completely. If there is a dispute, the SDM will resolve it within 30 days. The government talked to the farmers continuously but to no avail.

2. The Agriculture Minister said that earlier there was a lot of shortage of urea. When the farmers were in need, the Chief Minister used to come to Delhi and request the Center for the supply of urea. There have also been incidents of looting urea several times. Prime Minister Narendra Modi government regularized the supply of urea.

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3. There is a fear among farmers about contract farming on agricultural laws. On this, the Agriculture Minister clarified the government’s stand. He said that the agreement will be about the crop of the farmer. Farmer’s land will not be taken on lease or lease, nor will it be compromised. If there is a need to make a structure on a field during the preparation of the crop, then this structure will have to be removed later. Contract farming is already being done in Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

4. Agriculture Minister Tomar said that we have repeatedly assured the farmers about the MSP, but even now if the farmers have any doubt, the Modi government is ready to give it to the MSP.

5. Farmers fear that these laws will eliminate the mandis of APMC. The farmer will be trapped in the clutches of the private market. The state government will be able to register private mandis and collect cess from them, the government will make such arrangements.

6. Tomar said that there is a provision in the agricultural law that the merchant can make purchases with the PAN card. But the farmers thought that anyone would buy and flee through the PAN card. The state government will be given powers to resolve this fear that it can make any rules in such a situation.

7. The Agriculture Minister said that the government is ready whenever farmers want to discuss. The whole country is witness to this. In 2006, the Swaminathan Commission had said to increase the MSP by one and a half times, we also tried to fulfill it. Waited for a long time but one and a half times MSP was not implemented.

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After coming to Modi government, he declared MSP by giving a profit of fifty percent on the cost price, which is benefiting the entire country. The central government has made several schemes for older farmers also. Full care has been taken of the social security of the farmers. The farmers will be entitled to pension after completing the age of 60 years from PM Kisan Manadhan Yojana. Similarly, farmers are benefiting greatly from PM Kisan Samman Nidhi.

8. Tomar said that unless agriculture and both farmers and villages are self-sufficient, the agricultural sector cannot be uplifted. The government aims to make farmers self-sufficient. The procurement of crops was more than the previous year. Our effort is to construct such structures that benefit the farmers. Loans should be provided for herbal park, bee keeping. If the country has to be made self-sufficient, then the farmers will have to be self-sufficient.

9. The Agriculture Minister said that after selling the produce for three days, there will be a provision for the farmer to get his price. But this provision has been ensured in this law. We feel that people will take advantage of this, farmers will be attracted towards expensive crops, they will get price guarantee at the time of sowing. Arrangements have been made to provide complete protection to the land of the farmer.

10. There were allegations that agricultural laws are illegal, because agriculture is a state subject and the central government cannot make these rules. In this regard, Tomar clarified that the Center has the right to make laws on trade. He said that we felt that people will take advantage of the legal platform well. Farmers will be attracted towards expensive crops. Will connect with new technology. He will get a price guarantee at the time of sowing.

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