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fresh ginger
highlight bright yellow skin,large in size and fleshy.
packing in basket or cartons
quick frozen vegetables / quick frozen green beans
highlight fresh and green in color                 
l grade diameter 9-10mm, 长 11-13cm
m grade diameter 8-9mm, 长 9-11cm
s grade diameter 7-8mm, 长 7-9cm
packing in cartons,  500g (poly bag)
quick frozen young taro
highlight milky color, round or oval in shape, tender white ice coating.
l grade 11-16pcs / 500g
m grade 17-25pcs / 500g
s grade 26-40pcs / 500g
ss grade 41-55pcs / 500g
packing in cartons, 500g(poly bag)
quick frozen garlic sprouts
highlight tender, dark green in color
spec. 4-5cm, 15cm, 25cm。
packing in cartons, n.w. 10kg, 500g(poly bag)
dehydrated vegetables
highlight white in color, pungent in taste, moisture about 6%
packing in cartons, white inner double poly bags
shandong green soyabeans
highlight moisture<14.5%,  admixture<1%, imperfect<9%
packing bunny bags or bulk
shandong black soyabeans
highlight moisture<14.5%,admixture<1%,imperfect<9%。
packing bunny bags or bulk

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