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peanut protein vegetarian

the nutrient protein vegetarian is mainly made by high quality peanut protein with the world leading technique. peanut protein is one kind of plant protein with high nutritious value. protein content of the product is more than 50%. it is 1-5 times higher than meat, fish and egg, and the fat content is about 4.8%. the product contain 18 common amino acids including 8 kinds that are indispensable but cannot be synthesized within human body .it digests easily, and has good nutritional treatment for arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease (chd), high blood pressure and cerebrovascular disease.
the product taste elastic, accommodating, which is a natural and wholesome
nourishment of high protein, low sugar and cholesterol free.

nutrition inofrmation

nutrition per 100g
energy 385kcal
protein 60g
fat-total 4.2g
-saturated 0.85g
carbohydrate-total 27g
sugars 5g
sodium 1.8mg
calcium 1.4mg


consumption method

soaked with warm water for 10-15 minutes before consumption and then cook it as your flavor.

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