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cat litter
it is round glass ball like, transparent or semitransparent pellet which is smooth, mellow and full, like pearl. this type of pet litter is very suitable for your tender and lovely pets. it has considerable adsorption rate and high adsorption capacity (above 80%).



waterproof pet litter

this type of cat litter is a further processed pet litter mentioned above. it will not split even after fully saturated with water. fragmentation and soft popping and hissing sound (which perhaps upset some little pets) are avoided. there are spherical, lump and semispherical waterproof pet litter for your selection.



lump pet litter

it is semitransparent, milky irregular pellet. it has good stability and won't cling to pet's fur. if you happen to spill it, it will npt spread and thus is convinient to clean up. this type of pet litter is very suitable for heavy pets or pets with long hair. its adsorption capacity is also above 80%.



we are working hard to bring sweet sleep to your pets.

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