Global innovation index, now India in top 50 nation

Global innovation index,

According to the Global Innovation Index (GII), India has now increased its ranking to 4 and has now risen to 48. Now India ranks the top 50 in the index. Last year India ranked 52nd in the index. This means that the country is now firmly establishing its position in developing countries. China ranks 14th in it.

The rankings continue every year

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) publishes the Global Innovation Index rankings every year. This year, Switzerland, Sweden, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands topped the annual rankings. According to the organization, India, China, the Philippines, and Vietnam have been the most important economies in their GI status. These four countries are now in the top 50.

India ranked 81st in 2015

India ranked 81st in 2015 on the list In 2016, it jumped from 15th step to 66th In 2017. it rose 6 points to 60th India ranks 57th in 2018 and 52nd on the list last year. This year, the country reached the top 50 at the end of the year, and it ranked 48th. Thus, for the past five years, the country has been doing well every year. It jumped 33 points in five years.

Covid has been under innovative pressure for a long time

WIPO says in its Global Innovation Index that the Covid-19 epidemic has been putting pressure on innovation. In the world for a long time, which can hamper health. This Intervention with recent activities with an Asian economy, Switzerland, Sweden, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands are leading the way in innovation. Korea is joining the top 10 for the first time High-income countries dominate in the top 10 in this ranking Singapore ranks 8th. Indonesia now ranked 85th.

The high-income economy is still dominant

The top-performing economies in GII come only from high-income groups. GII is the only middle-income economy in the top 30 with China (14th) Malaysia ranked 33rd. The Philippines achieved its highest status in 2014 and was ranked 100th. For the second year in a row, Vietnam ranked 71st in 2014.


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