Gold Price Today, 17 December 2020, Gold Price Today: Gold Price Record Bounce, Silver Shines Too


new Delhi: Gold Price Today 17 December 2020: Gold and silver prices have started a backward phase. MCX But the February futures of gold were trading around Rs 49780 per 10 grams with a strength of Rs 185 on Thursday morning. At the same time, by the evening, there was a strong jump of about Rs 1100, due to which the price of gold rose to Rs 50,600 per 10 grams.

Let us tell you that on Wednesday, gold on MCX closed at the level of Rs 49597 per 10 grams. Today the opening has been done at Rs 49770 per 10 grams. In the first half, gold also reached an intraday high of Rs 49795. Let us tell you that gold had touched the highest level of 57100 this year. According to this, gold is more than Rs 7000 cheaper than its highest level. Now let’s see what is the value of 10 grams 24 carat gold in these four metro cities. According to

City gold price
Delhi 52,960
Mumbai 49,710
Kolkata 51,760
Chennai 51,220

On the other hand, silver has been showing great boom since morning. Silver futures on MCX were trading above 66,650 on Thursday morning with a strength of Rs 740. But by the evening, there was a big jump of Rs 2,500, and silver crossed Rs 68,300. Let it be said that on Wednesday, silver had closed above 65 thousand rupees at 65911 kg. For three consecutive days, silver prices are showing a rise. Now let’s see what the price of 1 kg of silver is in these four metro cities. According to

City silver price
Delhi 67,000
Mumbai 67,000
Kolkata 67,000
Chennai 71,400

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