Guar seed futures fall, coriander futures up as demand increases


new Delhi : Guar seed futures were weak on Wednesday, while coriander futures were up. The guar seed contract for December delivery at the National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX) was trading at Rs 3,831 per quintal, down by Rs 32, or 0.83 per cent. It traded in 26,795 lots.

For January delivery, the futures price was down by Rs 33 to 0.84 per cent at Rs 3,885 per quintal. Traders said that due to increased supply, guar seed futures declined.

Coriander futures up on spot demand

There was good demand in coriander in the spot market. This increased the size of their deals by the bookies. On Wednesday, coriander December futures were up by Rs 24 to Rs 5,854 per quintal. It traded for 2,100 lots.

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Market analysts said a firm trend in the spot market and limited supplies from producing regions led to a rise in coriander futures. However, coriander’s delivery contract for January 2021 declined by Rs 34, or 0.57 per cent. 5,908 per quintal. It traded for 1,985 lots.

Strong oilless oil

The speculators made fresh deals due to strong spot demand, which led to a spurt in cottonseed oil futures. At NCDEX, the contract for delivery of cottonseed oil cake in the month of December rose by Rs 4 or 0.2 per cent to Rs 1,984 per quintal. It traded for 22,560 lots.

Market sources said that due to increasing demand from cattle feed companies, the size of the futures trading here increased due to increase in the size of their deals by traders.

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