New Parliament House to be Bhoomi Poojan on December 10, Om Birla invites PM Modi

New Parliament House to be Bhoomi Poojan on December 10, Om Birla invites PM Modi

new Delhi: The Parliament House built in the British era in India is now going to be an old-fashioned thing. A new Parliament House is being constructed near the present Parliament House. For this, Bhoomi Pujan will be done on 10 December. Speaker Om Birla reached the residence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and invited him to be the chief guest at the Bhoomi Poojan program.

‘New Parliament House’ will be ready in 21 months
New Parliament House for informationNew parliament house) Will be ready in 21 months. On the occasion of 75th anniversary of independence of the country, the session of Parliament will be held in the new building. The new building will have separate offices for Members of Parliament. It will also have a lounge, library, committee room and dining room for MPs. Digital facilities will be available for MPs, which will prove to be a pioneering step towards making Parliament paperless.

All ministers will sit in the same building
In the new Parliament House, all the ministers will sit in one place and there will be a saving in the time and fare to travel. In addition to the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha chambers, the new building will have a grand constitution room which will contain original copies of the Constitution, digital displays, among other things to show India’s democratic heritage. Foreign delegations visiting India will be allowed to visit this hall, so that they can know about the visit to India as a parliamentary democracy.

Special consideration will be given to noise pollution during construction
Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla (Om birla) Said today that during the construction of the new Parliament House, care will be taken to ensure that there is no pollution of air and noise. Also, the proceedings or administrative functioning of Parliament should be disrupted in the present building. Under the Central Vista Redevelopment Project, the new building will be constructed near the existing building. The project envisages the reconstruction of a new Triangular Parliament House, a Joint Central Secretariat and a three-kilometer long Rajpath from Rashtrapati Bhavan to India Gate.

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The British built the existing Parliament building in 1927
Explain that the present Parliament building was built by the British in 1927. During the construction of this Parliament building, there was only one house at that time. But after the formation of two houses in the form of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha after independence, there was a shortage of space for the members to sit. Currently, many MPs have to sit on plastic chairs, which is considered against the dignity of the MP. The existing building is also not seismic.



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