PM Boris Johnson of Britain will be the chief guest at Republic Day, Ministry of External Affairs gave information


new Delhi: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be the chief guest at the Republic Day celebrations in India in 2021. Britain’s Foreign Minister Dominic Raab gave information about accepting India’s invitation in this regard. The UK Foreign Minister told reporters, “Our Prime Minister Boris Johnson has accepted the invitation to become the Chief Guest at India’s Republic Day celebrations.”

‘Symbol of new era’

Republic Day Celebrations (Republic day) Invitation to become the chief guest at the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Boris johnson), When accepted by Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said, ‘This India will mark the beginning of a new era of UK relations’. Earlier on Tuesday, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar met with the British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab who visited India. During this, he held talks to increase cooperation in areas such as trade, defense, education, environment and health. Delegation-level talks were also held after the foreign ministers of the two countries met.

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Focus on strengthening Indo-UK relations

Dominic Raab has come to visit India at a time when the UK is holding complex negotiations with the European Union for a trade deal after Brexit. Raab has come to India from December 14 to December 17. After the meeting, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar told reporters that talks with UK Foreign Minister Dominic Raab focused on further strengthening India-UK relations. He said, “We reviewed the situation in Afghanistan and activities related to Gulf countries and Indo-Pacific region.”

Britain wants to strengthen economic relations

S Jaishankar said, “Challenges due to terrorism and fundamentalism were discussed, which are common concerns.” He said that to speed up the pace of economic recovery after Kovid-19, India-UK alliance is important. At the same time, Britain’s Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said, ‘We want to strengthen economic relations with India’. He said that the way the world is changing, in such a situation, issues like shipping security, supply chain, climate change are the top priority for both countries. Raab said, “Our relations are based on common interests and common values ​​in various fields and we want to increase cooperation in many ways.”
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