PM Narendra Modi addresses party workers at BJP headquarters after Bharatiya Janata party huge win in Bihar

PM Narendra Modi addresses party workers at BJP headquarters after Bharatiya Janata party huge win in Bihar

Narendra Modi | Bihar Election Result 2020; PM Narendra Modi addresses party workers after Bharatiya Janata party huge win in Bihar

PM Narendra Modi reached BJP headquarters to address party workers after the victory in Bihar. He said- I thank the great people of the great country.

The BJP got 74 seats in the results of the Bihar assembly elections. The party is stunned by this victory. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the workers from Delhi’s BJP headquarters on Wednesday evening. He said, “Today’s development and development of the state is the biggest criterion. This is going to be the basis of the election in the coming time.

Those who do not understand, this time also know what happened in their place, right? His place has been confiscated. Friends, the affection that the country is showing on the BJP today, the love it is showing on the NDA. The biggest reason for this is that the BJP, the NDA has made the development of the country, the development of the people its paramount goal. ”

Highlights of Narendra Modi address:

  • It was not easy to conduct these elections during the crisis of Corona, but our democratic systems are so strong and transparent that they made the world realize the power of India by conducting such a big election. BJP and NDA have got immense public support in these elections. For this, the amount of congratulations to the lakhs of brothers and sisters of BJP and NDA is less.
  • I heartily congratulate every worker and his family members. This election result is the result of the efficient and effective strategy of BJP National President JP Nadda. The number of congratulations to Nadda ji is less. Nadda ji go ahead, we are together.
  • The implications of yesterday’s results are very deep. He means a lot. This is a further expansion of the results that were won in the Lok Sabha elections. The BJP hoisted the lotus flag in the previously won Manipur. Won all the seats of Gujarat in the Kutch Desert in the Far West. BJP won in UP and Madhya Pradesh and BJP also got success in Karnataka and Telangana in the south.
  • These days, elections were held in the union territories. In Ladakh, Diu Daman, the BJP also cheered. BJP is the only national level party whose citizens have hoisted the entire country. Remember that once we were up to 2 seats and used to run a party from two rooms and today it is in every corner of India.
  • The people of India are repeatedly conveying their message to the citizens of 21st century India. Now he will get the opportunity to serve, who will work honestly with the goal of development of the country. People of the country expect this from every political party. Work for this country, be concerned with the work of the country. The results that came yesterday, have proved that if you work, you will also get a lot of blessings from people.
  • You will dedicate yourself, think about the development of the country for 24 hours, if you try something new, you will also get results. The people of the country are watching your hard work. Is watching your penance. Seeing your intentions, therefore, during the election, people and people, without falling into any confusion, give you out of the house even in the midst of difficulty.
  • The results of yesterday have again determined that in the 21st century, the basis of the country’s politics will be only and only development. It is also said many times that bank accounts, gas connections, houses, facilities for self-employment, good roads, railways, railway stations, better airports, Internet connectivity do not matter in elections. Have heard. The public is repeatedly telling such people that this is the real issue.
  • I express my gratitude today. I thank the great people of the great country. Today I pay my thanks to the best of citizens of the country. Thankfully, not because he gave the BJP such a huge success in the elections. They are entitled for this. Thank you because all of us have celebrated this great festival of democracy with great enthusiasm.
  • Elections may have been held in some seats, in some areas, but from morning till late night the eyes of the entire nation were on TV. Was on Twitter Was on the Election Commission website. The example of our Indians’ faith in democracy is not found anywhere in the world.
  • If there is any voice of the Dalits, the victims and the exploited, then it is the BJP. If someone is trying day and night to fulfill the dreams of the middle class of the country, then it is the BJP. For the empowerment of women, to ensure their dignity, their pride, the party that is being trusted is the BJP. Whether it is economic reforms, agricultural reforms, or it is a matter of security-education of the country, a new system, or the interest of farmers and workers, it is the BJP on which the country is relying most today. This trust is a huge capital for the BJP, for me, your chief servant.
  • This trust is our biggest capital. It is the BJP, for which the blessings of the people and the affection of the people are constantly increasing. In the Lok Sabha elections, the party made its comeback in the government by winning more seats than before. BJP has been the only party in Bihar to have increased seats after being in government 3 times. In Gujarat, the BJP has been there since the 90s, there too BJP showed all the seats. BJP has added seats in Madhya Pradesh, there too our government has been in power for so many years. People of the country are repeatedly giving the BJP a chance, believing it.
  • Behind the success of the BJP is its governance model. The good governance of the BJP governments, how the conditions change, helps in fighting the biggest disaster. When Corona came, how big this crisis is, even big experts and scientists could not guess it. But, the battle India fought against Corona was not fought anywhere. These elections have also supported the way the disease has been faced since the Janata curfew. Every single life saved in Corona is India’s success story.
  • I know you people, especially with the media, may be thinking that Modi is speaking this long, but he also spoke on Bihar. Let me also talk about Bihar in detail. Bihar is most special. Today if you ask about Bihar, I will say that my answer is as clear as Bihar has given a clear mandate. The only secret to winning the election is the development of all – trust of all.
  • Truth is won in Bihar, faith is won in Bihar, youth of Bihar is won, mothers and sisters and daughters live, poor lives, farmer lives. Bihar’s aspirations are victories, Bihar’s pride is victories. I will tell the brothers and sisters of Bihar that you have again proved why Bihar is called the land of democracy. You have again proved that Biharis are indeed connoisseurs and also aware.

Nadda said – Modi ji’s efforts give new direction

Party President JP Nadda said, “The relentless effort Narendra Modi has made to advance the country is going to give a new direction to the country.” The election that was held in Bihar, it was not only Bihar. These were the by-elections from Ladakh to Telangana. These were the by-elections from Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh to Manipur. Thank you very much for the kind of victory won by the people of India in these elections. ”

BJP Parliamentary Board meeting after Modi’s address

It is being told that there will be a meeting of the BJP Parliamentary Board after PM Narendra Modi address. In this, the strategy for forming a government in Bihar can be discussed. The meeting may include Nityanand Rai, Sanjay Jaiswal, Giriraj Singh, Bhupendra Yadav and Devendra Fadnavis from Bihar. JDU has got only 43 seats. After the results, the name of the CM can also be discussed in the meeting of the Parliamentary Board.

BJP said- Nitish Kumar will be the CM of Bihar, it was decided before the election


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