PUBG Mobile India Welcome gift leaked, users can get Anarkali headgear, crate coupon


New Delhi pre launch PUBG Mobile India Welcome gift has been leaked. Prior to PUBG’s return to India, many data miners and YouTubers have seen PUBG Mobile India’s welcome gift within the global version of PUBG Mobile. All players who download and play PubG Mobile India at the launch will get this welcome gift.

You can get these gifts at launch
According to the leaked details, the welcome gift of PUBG Mobile India will be a reward crate with anarkali headgear, anarkali set and a classic crate coupon. These have all been seen inside the beta version of PUBG Mobile Global, after which it is speculated that they will be testing now. In such a situation, these rewards can be changed or remain the same at the time of PUBG Mobile India launch.

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Launch date is not fixed
It is not yet known when the gaming app will officially launch in India. Keep in mind, this game cannot be launched in the country until it gets official permission from the Indian government. A recent report says that PUBG Corporation has requested a meeting with officials of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, but the ministry has not yet responded to this.

PUBG Corporation has registered a company named ‘PUBG India Pvt Ltd’ in India. With this, the company will set up a regional office or subsidiary in India. The company is registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, with paid up capital of Rs 5 lakh and authorized capital of Rs 15 lakh.

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