Railway Update: If you see anything wrong, siren will start ringing, see railway’s new security system


New Delhi Railway Latest Update: Indian Railways is introducing new facilities for the convenience of the passengers, so that they have least difficulty while traveling in the station and train. Trains and stations are being equipped with security and surveillance systems to enable railway passengers to travel safely. In such a situation, travelers can be alert and save themselves in view of any possible danger.

Equipped with 240 station security surveillance

Criminal incidents are common inside railway stations and trains. Everyday news like this comes from any part of the country. The Railway Ministry has said in a tweet that so far 240 stations have been equipped with security surveillance and at present 1 thousand stations will have surveillance system and CCTV will be installed at 6100 places. There are plans to install cameras in 58,600 rail coaches by March 2022.

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Moving cameras will be installed at stations

Moving cameras will be installed at stations at 160 degrees, along with the number of hand bag scanners will also be increased. Bomb detection and disposal systems will also be installed at the stations. A control room is also being prepared for this at the station of Rajdhani Delhi. CCTV cameras will be screened in this control room.

Siren will start ringing as soon as an unclaimed object is seen

There is a plan to install such a surveillance system at the stations that sirens start ringing as soon as any unclaimed item is seen and the security personnel are ready. Through this system, there is a preparation to monitor half a km away from the station. Meanwhile, any activity that may be closely monitored, the system is being prepared for this. Station premises, platforms, parcels, waiting rooms and roads etc. will be monitored with high-tech cameras.

Criminals will be controlled

The Ministry of Railways is also working on installing face recognition software. The face recognition software will be integrated with the surveillance system to prevent criminals who roam freely in stations and trains behind bars.

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