Saudi Aramco finishes 75 thousand crore dollars deal, gives a big blow to China

Saudi Aramco finishes 75 thousand crore dollars deal

China has been dealt a powerful blow by Saudi Arabia. Arab’sOil company Aramco has made $10 billion, or about 75,000 crore dollars, with China. In fact, Aramco, along with China, is going to build a refining and petrochemical complex. Modi, who was now in the aftermath of Aramco’s decision the government is in the view of a $44 billion deal with India.No official statement on the matter so far. The Chinese partner, China North Industries Group Corporation (Norinco), has been released.No response has come from the side.

Why did Aramco finish off China?

According to reports, the corona has become cheaper in the period.This is why oil companies are incurring economic losses.In view of the current situation, Aramco has decided to end the deal.Given the speed at which corona cases are growing, it is stillFar and away, there is no possibility of improving the situation.The market and industrial activity are projected to be affected further.

$75 billion dividends issued in demand and price oil companies by shortages incurring losses. In the world, it is the companies of the world.At the moment, Aramco has focused on reducing capital extension.Companies release $75 billion dividend decided to do this big part of the dividend saudiGoes to the Kingdom (Saudi kingdom).

Aramco announces $44 billion investment in India

Saudi Arab government’s decision to take over from government to 1000The eye is on a $44 billion deal with India. Aramco at Ratnagirimega Refinery Project in Maharashtra $44 billion investment was announced. Crown Prince Salman signs deal himself In February 2019, Prince Salman signed the deal himself this deal will make Aramco in the Asian market wants to strengthen the grip. China is largely Saudi in the coming days with this deal will invest in Arabia, but worldwide of the spread coronavirus because of the brakes have been taken.



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