Before vaccination, the Ministry of Health told the states – there will be side effects of the Corona vaccine as well, prepare for it

Before vaccination, the Ministry of Health told the states – there will be side effects of the Corona vaccine as well, prepare for it

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The photo is from Delhi. Here people are being made aware to wear masks through wall painting. In Delhi, more than 5.20 lakh people have been infected by the infection so far.

Good news comes amidst increasing cases of corona in the country. The country may get an effective vaccine in the next two to three months. The central government has started focusing on the process of vaccination. The government has sent a letter to all the states on Monday.

Dr. Manohar Agnani, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Health told the states that there may be some side effects of vaccination. All the state governments should prepare themselves to deal with this. The ministry has also provided many important information to avoid side effects. It states that work should be done on further strengthening the Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) surveillance system to ensure timely vaccination.

What will all states and union territories have to do?

  • Induct Medical Specialists and Pediatricians into the District Level AEFI Committee.
  • Include neurologists, cardiologists, respiratory disease experts in the AEFI committee.
  • The vaccine is to be given to the elderly first. Which already has other diseases like stroke, heart attack, breathlessness.
  • All the states will have to choose different medical colleges, whose technical support will lead to vaccination.
  • The AEFI committee has to be prepared to train health workers.
  • There are 300 Medical Colleges and Territory Care Hospitals across the country, where the vaccine has a drug reaction monitoring system. These centers have to be contacted.

India now at number 7 in case of active case

Corona is gaining pace in many states of the country, but there is also good news. In the case of active case, India has now reached 6th position at number 7. Active case means the number of patients who are being treated. Active cases have increased thrice in the last 53 days, they have decreased in the remaining days.

Now only 4.78% patients are left in the country who are undergoing treatment. The remaining 93.74% people have recovered. 1.46% of the total infected people have lost their lives. India has the best recovery rate among the 10 most infected countries in the world.

Most active cases in America, Belgium-France fail in recovery
America now has the highest number of 48.73 lakh active cases. The second number is France, where 19.41 lakh patients are being treated. Belgium and France have the worst records in terms of recovery. 6.48% of people in Belgium, while in France 6.98% have been cured so far.

Active cases amounted to 4.37 lakhs, this is the lowest since July 22

On Monday, 37 thousand 441 new patients of Corona were found, 42 thousand 195 were cured and 481 died. In this case, there was a decrease of 5 thousand 251 in the active case. This is the biggest drop in the last six days. Earlier, on November 17, 6 thousand 6854 active cases were reduced.

So far 91.77 lakh cases have been reported in the country. Out of these, 86.03 lakh patients have been cured and 1.34 lakh have died. 4.37 lakh patients are undergoing treatment. This figure for the active case is the lowest since July 22. These figures are taken from

Corona updates

  • In view of the increasing cases of corona, the Madhya Pradesh government has decided to extend the parole of 4000 prisoners by 60 days more. State Home Minister Narottam Mishra gave this information on Tuesday.
  • The second wave of Corona in Maharashtra has knocked. There has been an increase in the active case for the third consecutive day on Monday. According to the data released by the state government, 4153 new cases were found within the last 24 hours. 3729 people recovered and 30 died. 394 Active Cases Increased. Earlier, 1639 active cases were increased on Sunday and 1601 on Saturday.
  • In Himachal Pradesh, curfew will remain in force from 8 am to 6 am in Shimla, Mandi, Kullu and Kangra districts from 24 November to 15 December. The decision was taken in a cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Jairam Thakur.
  • Educational institutions in Himachal Pradesh will remain closed till 12 February. Schools have been closed until 31 December due to Corona. After this, there will be winter holidays from January 1 to February 12. Under the order, a fine of one thousand rupees will be imposed on those who go out without masks in the state.
  • Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan on Monday launched the mobile van RT-PCR lab in the capital Delhi. This mobile van lab of ICMR will be set up near the Containment Zone. Here, anyone can test the corona by paying 499 rupees. Its report will also come within just 6 hours.

State of 5 states

1. Delhi

On Monday, 4454 people were found infected in the capital Delhi. 7216 people were recovered and 121 died. So far, 5 lakh 34 thousand 317 people have been affected by the infection here. Of these, 37 thousand 329 patients are being treated, while 4 lakh 88 thousand 476 people have been cured. The death toll from infection has now risen to 8512.

2. Madhya Pradesh

1701 people were found infected in the state on Monday. 1120 people recovered and 10 died. So far 1 lakh 94 thousand 745 people have been infected. Of these, 12 thousand 336 patients are being treated, while 1 lakh 79 thousand 237 people have been cured. The number of people who lost their lives to infection is now 3172.

3. Gujarat

On Monday, 1487 people were found infected in the state. 1234 people recovered and 17 died. So far, 1 lakh 98 thousand 899 people of the state have been infected. Of these, 13 thousand 736 patients are being treated, while 1 lakh 81 thousand 287 people have been cured. The number of people who lost their lives to the infection has now risen to 3876.

4. Maharashtra

On Monday, 4153 new cases were reported in the state. 3729 people were recovered and 30 died. With this, the number of infected people has now increased to 17 lakh 84 thousand 361. Among these, 81 thousand 902 patients are under treatment, while 16 lakh 54 thousand 793 people have been cured. The number of people who lost their lives to infection has now reached 46 thousand 653.

5. Rajasthan

The corona report of 3232 people came positive on Monday in the state. 2288 people recovered and 18 died. So far, 2 lakh 47 thousand 168 people have been infected. Of these, 24 thousand 116 patients are being treated, while 2 lakh 20 thousand 871 people have been cured. So far 2181 patients have died.

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