Vijay Diwas: Pakistan surrendered in front of India with 93000 soldiers in 1971 Indo Pak War


new Delhi: India today is celebrating India’s victory over Pakistan (Pakistan) in the Indo-Pak war of 1971 as Vijay Diwas. On this day in 1971, the then head of the Pakistan Army, General Khan Niazi, with 93,000 soldiers, surrendered unconditionally to the Indian Army. This historical event itself paved the way for the creation of two pieces of Pakistan and a new country Bangladesh.

Whenever Pakistan (Pakistan) has tried to attack India, then the Indian Army has taught it a tough lesson. Pakistan fought four wars with India since Partition and had to face defeat every time. But the might of 1971 overwhelmed Pakistan the most. In this war, India divided Pakistan (Pakistan) into two pieces. On this day, 93 thousand soldiers of Pakistan surrendered to the Indian Army.

Pakistan (Pakistan) But this historic victory will complete 50 years on 16 December 2021. India is celebrating this year as the Golden Victory Year. victory Day (Vijay DiwasOn the occasion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi ()Narendra Modi) Arrived at the National War Memorial. Where he started the Vijay Jyoti Yatra by paying tribute to the martyrs.

Vijay Jyoti Yatra of India
Prime Minister Narendra Modi ignited the Golden Victory Torch with the monolithic flame of the National War Memorial. After this, ‘Vijay Jyoti Yatra’ started. The ‘Vijay Jyoti Yatra’ includes four ‘Vijay Torches’. Vijay Jyoti Yatra will visit the whole country in a year. Vijay Jyoti Yatra will also visit the villages of Paramveer and Mahavir Chakra winners of 1971 war. These torches will also be taken in areas where the 1971 war was fought. After one year this journey will be completed in Delhi.

Vijay Diwas is the biggest victory in the history of India. In 1971, 93 thousand soldiers of Pakistan surrendered before the Indian Army. It was the largest surrender of any country after the Second World War and today the celebration of the completion of 50 years of the same might of the Indian Army is beginning. ‘Vijay Jyoti Yatra’ is a program to take the heroes of this great victory and the information related to the war to every corner of the country so that the stories of the sacrifices of the martyrs and the valor of the Indian Army reach the next generation as well.

Let me tell you that on December 3, 1971, at 5 pm, the fighter planes of Pakistan attacked 11 airbases of India simultaneously. After which less than 25 years, the third war between the two countries had started.

Why did the India-Pakistan war happen?
Significantly, the biggest reason for the 1971 war was the oppression of the Pakistan Army on East Pakistan. In December 1970, millions of troubled Bengali-speaking people were taking refuge in India. On 27 March 1971, the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi supported India’s independence for East Pakistan. After this, the whole of East Pakistan was pitted against the crimes of General Yahya Khan and Pakistani Army.

The Friends of Bengal, the Indian Army, had joined the field to support the Mukti Vahini, the Jansena’s army. Despite the political pressure to start the war immediately, the then Army Chief Sam Manekshaw waited for the right time to attack Pakistan and within the first 3 days of the fighting, India destroyed both the East Pakistan Air Force and the Navy. Had given.

The Pakistani Air Force, which started the 1971 war, was not even known in later days. Indian Air Force aircraft flew over 4 thousand flights over Pakistan. To avoid harm, the Pakistan Air Force stopped attacking.

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