World’s first floating Apple store opens in Singapore

floating Apple store

Apple, a well-known technology company that manufactures iPhones, on Thursday opened its first floating retail store in Singapore. the world’s first floating retail store called Apple Marina Stands. According to Apple, the store looks like a dome and is floating in water. It opened to the public on Thursday. The company said that Marina Bay is one of the most prominent locations in Singapore, and this store will enhance its reputation and provide extra information to people who love Apple.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “We welcome this great Apple store to the Apple family.” You can also visit Singapore from this store. This is a great experience store.

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The design of this store, made entirely of glass, is self-supporting. It uses 114 pieces of glass and uses only 10 small vertical mullions for structural connection.

The store’s design inspired by the Pantheon of Rome. The glass interior used in this store features custom baffles. It fits each piece of glass in such a way that it gives the effect of night light.

150 employees work in this store. Let’s focus on 23 languages around the world. All Apple-related products stored in this store. It will also provide individual technical support.

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