Young and healthy people cannot get corona vaccine before 2022:WHO

Young and healthy people cannot get corona vaccine before 2022:WHO

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The photo is from Paris. Demonstrations of medical workers who helped people during the Corona crisis have begun here. The protesters made several demands, including raising salaries.

  • More than 11 lakh people died in the world, over 2.92 crore people now healthy
  • 82 million people infected in America, more than 2.22 lakh people have lost their lives

The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that by 2022, young people and healthy people in the world may not get the Kovid-19 vaccine. Such people will have to wait till then. WHO Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan gave information about this on Thursday.

He said that by 2021 at least one effective vaccine is expected. However, it will be a limited number. So only those people who need it more can reach it. In this, priority will be given to health workers and people with high risk.

Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted on Wednesday that the situation had become critical due to infection in the country. The government is preparing to take strict steps. On the other hand, curfew has been imposed in Paris. The French government had forewarned this.

Number of patients is more than 3.88 crores

The number of infected people in the world has exceeded 390 million. The number of cured patients has exceeded 29 million. The death toll has crossed 11 lakh. These figures are according to

Corona has the highest effect in these 10 countries

CountryInfectedThe deathsHealed
Spain9,37,31133,413Not available

Germany: Situation critical

German Chancellor Angela Merkel made it clear on Wednesday night that the situation had become critical due to the second wave of infection in the country. Merkel said in a statement – there is no doubt that we are in an epidemic and the situation has become serious now. We want the infected to be detected and treated. All the concerned health organizations of the country are supporting this work. Matters are increasing everyday. Economy is concerned, so others cannot impose lockdown, as other European countries are doing.

On Wednesday night, a girl walked through a lonely street in Berlin, Germany. On Wednesday, 5,132 new cases were reported in Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel said – Economy is not destroyed, so we cannot lockdown like other countries of Europe.

France: Curfew in 8 cities including Paris
The French government has again declared health emergency in the country. On Wednesday, 22 thousand 950 new cases were reported. After this, Prime Minister Emanuel Macron appeared. He said- We are again putting up health emergency.

Curfew will remain in 9 cities of the country including Paris from 9 am to 6 am i.e. people will not be able to get out of the house. Macron made it clear that the government would take strict steps regardless of the opposition. It is believed that the curfew will be around four weeks. The mayor of the town of Marsley said – The situation is worrying, but not out of control. According to the Health Ministry of France, more than three lakh cases have been reported here in three weeks. 32% of the country’s ICU beds are full at the moment. All of them have Kovid-19 patients.

America: President Trump’s son Beron was also infected.

US President Donald Trump’s 14-year-old son, Beron Trump, was also coronated, but now he is well. Beron was infected after his mother and father were found positive. However, he did not have any symptoms. His report later came back negative on a re-test with his mother.

Trump’s wife Melania Trump reported this on Wednesday. He said- He is a strong teenager, no symptoms were revealed in it. At the same time, Trump mentioned it at the Iowa rally. So far, 81 lakh 50 thousand 43 cases have been reported in the US and more than 2.21 lakh deaths have occurred.

Brazil: Phase III trial canceled
American company Johnson & Johnson has also stopped its vaccine trial in Brazil. The Brazilian Health Agency said in a statement released on Tuesday night – more information about this cannot be given at the moment. But, Phase III trials of the vaccine are being stopped at the moment. Some reports state that the trials have been stopped after a Volunteer vaccine trial in the US became seriously ill. Two companies are undergoing vaccine trials in Brazil. Johnson & Johnson is one of them.

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